Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No bad dogs

I got to attend a pitbull educational presentation recently given by Drayton Michaels of It was fabulous. He is working on a documentary called "Judging the innocent" that should help educate the general public about the breed. In my notes from the day is this sweeties name. (aagh I can't believe I can't find them!)

Getting some love. Her beautiful collar and leash are from I have it on good authority that The Loyal Biscuit (local) has placed an order so go check them out.

This cute face belonogs to Jazzy. She is learning to share with her humans.

This is her housemate Eddie. The tail never stopped.
And here is Max. Max is a big boy that is learning not to beat up on his smaller pack mates.

For anyone with so called "bad breeds" I highly recommend the book "The pitbull placebo ~ The media, myths and politics of canine aggression" by Karen Delise. It has some great information to make debating breed issues easier.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tag I'm it!

My fellow trainer and new friend Nancy of A Dog's Life blog has tagged me in a Crazy 8 challenge. This tag asks me to come up with and share 8 little known facts and tidbits my readers do not already know about me.
1) When I was a young teen I wanted to be a nun. Turns out not being Catholic was a great hinderance to the plan.
2) After high school I wanted to study music and become a member of an orchestra had college been an affordable option for me. I played Tenor sax and had a heavy interest in the flute. Unfortunatly I lacked talent for any hope of a scholarship.
3) I started flute lessons 2 years ago. It's never to late to learn and to do what you love. (I still lack talent however.)
4) After I got home from my time in the military I looked into becoming a dental technician. I couldn't afford the schooling. (which worked out much better for me in the long run in my opinion)
5) I was horse crazy as a kid and rode my bike miles to volunteer at a horse for hire riding stable to get free riding. I learned to ride out of books. I still love horses and would love to take carriage driving lessons one day.
6) I have a wooden spike signed by James Marsters. He played the vampire "Spike" on the Buffy and Angel series. I also own a Harry Potter time turner necklace and a Star Trek engineering uniform with rank insignia I bought at a ST convention. Yes I am the uber dork you always read about.
7) I met my husband in jail. He was a police officer, I was a corrections officer. We are an excellent pair.
8) My favorite piece of furniture is my cherry wood Jensen Tina 2 double treadle spinning wheel.
Not all that exciting but there you have it. Trainers are people too! I have been out of the loop so long and am behind in my blog reading so I am not going to tag anyone specifically. (even though I am supposed to tag 8 other bloggers) If you read this and want to participate feel free. You may say you were tagged by me.
Check out the cute photo ad I came across.
Is it not just to adorable? It is for a clicker training apprentice program. While I am not specificly a clicker trainer myself, I am definately a fan of Karen Pryor. Her principles are the foundation of all current positive method training today. Great photo!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

News of events and photos

Heads up for those in the area. Wednesday June 11th is the Mid-Coast Kennel Clubs member meeting. There will be a carting demo by Sue and Todd Mendleson and their beautiful newfies. (I hope to get photos to share.) It will be held at 6:30pm at this training center: (In Lincolnville.) The public is welcome to attend.

I am also attending the Pitbull Educational Seminar in Portland next weekend. (Given by Drayton of ) If anyone wants to carpool I am up for it. For those interested in more info or signing up here is the webite of the place holding the event:

This is Maggie. She is learning a few rules in her new home.

Like how to live peaceably with new big brother Jake.

This is the dynamic duo of Gunther (L) and Gilligan.(R) 10 Month old siblings that are also learning some new skills. Like how to listen to mom and dad. We tuckered them out pretty good as you can see.

Maya (L) is also a new addition to a home with a new big sister Emma.(R) She is learning how to bark less and share more.

This is Griffy. He is a 7 month old longcoated akita adopted through rescue I did a homecheck on. He will be headed to training class soon. (He already knows how to work that smile!)

And here is my handsome boy Jack with a family friend affectionatly known as our second daughter. He likes hanging on the couch with the girls given the chance.

Sorry for the lack of timely posting. I have been really busy and sometimes things have to give. I am hoping once summer starts and the kids are home from school things will die down to the normal dull roar.