Monday, March 19, 2007

Interesting info & cute pics

Here are some great informational links I came across this morning. First for those with dogs that accidently pee there is:

And for those interested in mental illness in dogs try this one:
It is a long read but very informative. This is why knowing where your puppy comes from can be important. (If you are going the breeder route.)

Now for the cute photo portion of my post:

Dash is now listed on the frenchie rescue site as available for adoption. It is a good thing though I am a little sad. He is such a great dog and I have fallen abit for the little bugger. We will all miss him terribly. It is a happy occasion for him though as he will get his very own home and people to love. How great is that!

This is one of the first pics I ever saw of our boy Jack. He was 6 weeks old and still at the breeders home. (as he should be at that age) How could we not fall in love with him?

Here is what he grew into. 115 lbs of fluffy love. Yes he IS stunning isn't he? Before you run out and buy your own akita though, do some research first. They aren't a breed for everyone. (and double check your homeowners insurance)

And P.S. The longcoats require even MORE grooming than the regular coats.


Rita Pirrotta said...

Hey Marie. Breeds has been the discussion at our Humane Society lately. Although I am very cautious about labels on any breed as many of us know in the training world, it is important to know some general characteristics of particular breeds when choosing a dog for your family. The Waterville Humane Society wanted some general info posted to encourage people to think about the fit of a particular dog. I used info from several sites a formulated a comparison chart from Also posted information on this being ONLY a starting point, and things to look for as qualities in any dog to match with their particular family circumstances. We all know how important that is when you work with shelter dogs. Maybe one of your blogs can address your thoughts on this matter as I have such incredible respect for your knowledge and experience and I am therefore certain others can pick up some great pointers. Do not have time to create my own blog right now, but look forward to creating one in the near future. Thanks so much for your info. Really neat !!!!

Marie said...

Hi Rita! Hmmm that sounds like an interesting topic. I will keep that in mind for the future. Thanks!