Monday, July 9, 2007

News! For those in the local area, go check out the Rockland Critter Outfitter store on Main Street. It has changed hands and has now become The Loyal Biscuit Company. Lauren the (very friendly) new owner is also mom to Orli and Bauer. Stop in and say hello!

These two cuties are Sadie and Sophie. The photo was taken after a marathon wrestling match so they were tired.

Do you remember this face? It is Molly, one of the island dogs. She is growing fast. I just love her blurry in action tail.

And here are some pics I just had to share. This is Apollo, another island dog. I'd say by this pic he certainly loves the water!

Here is a cute one titled coming and going.

And to be fair to Jenna, his sister and partner in crime, a face shot. No lady wants to be remembered for a butt shot.

Now that is a very happy face!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


Riley said...

Kurt is totally flattered that you included Jenna in your post, haha. Thanks for posting those pictures! We were both so happy to see them here. :]

I had the pleasure of meeting Orli and Bauer last week, and the woman mentioned she was working with you when I talked to her. I told her you were fantastic at what you do.

Then I went over to the mainland again yesterday to take Apollo to the vet and brought him in to get a chewie for the boat ride home, and the signs were changed to the new name, so that was when I realized she was the new owner. Is the Camden Critter Outfitter staying open as C.O. still?

Orli and Bauer were very sweet, and she encouraged me to bring Apollo in and he totally ignored them (they were behind a baby gate). She said you guys were training them to be good "store dogs." What lucky pups. :]

Shoot me an e-mail or phone call when you're coming to the island again?

Marie said...

I am glad Kurt was happy to see Jenna. I think she is adorable. Yes the other C.O is still staying open. Of course I will call next time. I could only fit a quick trip in to that particular weeks schedule.