Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays

Excuse the short hiatus. I went on a family vacation to warmer climes. It was fabulous. Now I am back and freezing my keister off. I don't like to advertise when I will be gone because I don't want people to know when my house might be unoccupied. My sister stayed here with the dogs for most of it since it was longer than normal for us to be away. I'm not against kenneling the dogs, and do and have one I trust, but prefer to keep it to a minimum as much as possible so I don't disturb their normal routine.

The above pic is one I "borrowed" from the Dognabbit blog. Go check out the rest of the cute photos there. (link at right) For more meaty reading, head on over to BadRap, Dolittler or The Terriermans daily dose.

I am still trying to decompress and readjust from the trip. A canceled flight due to the storm put us overnight in DC. Of course that one night put our whole re-entry to the real world off schedule so I am behind in a few things and trying to catch up. Add the rapid approach of Christmas and you have a slightly stressed out and very tired mom at the keyboard. I had hoped to get a great pic of the kids and dogs for my Christmas cards but it looks like that may not happen until after the holiday this year. Better late than never I suppose.

One good bit of news is that we have a potential adopter interested in Grizz. The home sounds perfect so keep those fingers crossed. He is a special boy and really needs to find that special home to make it a good match. (Zebra got adopted by husky knowledgeable people thankfully.)

When I am feeling more human I'll try to put a much better post together. Until then have a great and safe holiday.

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