Sunday, February 13, 2011

My logo saga part 2 and a logo help request

So awhile ago I wrote about changing my logo. I had come across a celtic pawprint design by Aon Celtic that I loved so much I incorporated it into a tattoo. Then I thought about using it as my training business logo. After finally getting in touch with the owner of the design (FYI always double check your e-mail spam folders) I got all the details of using it with permission. I was good to go.

Then I got thinking about taking my old logo off my car and it bothered me. I made the original logo of an akita because my first dog was the catalyst for my becoming a trainer in the first place. I didn't want to lose that link. Not to mention I drew it myself so I knew I wouldn't need any one's permission to use it and no one else could possibly have the same logo. Unlike what could happen if I bought the other one. So I decided I am going to tweak the one I have and use that instead. I even think I have figured out how I'm going to change it. Stay tuned for photos.
The other logo I have been working on in my head is one for the K-9 Corrections program. The one on our facebook page is actually just clipart. I would love to come up with something to use on t-shirts for us to sell as a fund raiser. This way anyone who wants to support the program can buy one and really show off that support. I'm sure families of the handlers would also love to have that link to their family members. Not to mention the former handlers when they leave the facility.
I welcome any submissions from readers for this logo. Either ideas or artwork can be sent to me at . I will not pay for artwork or submissions but credit will be given to anyone who's work we use. If we use the artwork and make the shirts, a free t-shirt with the design will also be given to the artist.

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