Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is winter ever coming?

Not that I'm complaining actually. It is nice to not have to shovel to take the puppy out. However green grass and high 40 degree weather in December is NOT the norm for Maine! I am a person who does like snow on the ground for Christmas however. I wouldn't mind some frozen ground either. At least then the mud would go away.
Today while I was at The Salty Dog Salon getting the girls nails dremeled, I picked up new coats for them both. They each have a Fido Fleece but I wanted something easier to get on and off that might not be quite so warm. They were made by Ooodles of Poodles who also happens to be a client at the vet I work for. She and her husband are always taking in older poodles in need of homes. They are wonderful people. I picked an Argyle design for Zola.

This is her in profile. Between the lack of nose and her underbite she has quite the look! Thankfully she breathes really well in spite of her extreme flat face. (of which as I've mentioned before I am not a fan of breeding this trait: http://k-9solutionsdogtraininginc.blogspot.com/2010/10/pug-history-in-photos-part-2.html & http://k-9solutionsdogtraininginc.blogspot.com/2010/10/pug-breeder-challenge-how-to-breed.html)

For Jenny I picked the Plaid. I thought it made a great mis-matched set between the two of them. I'd say we are ready to walk even the most uppity big city streets now!

Zola has been full of zip lately. She played so much the other night she was panting at the end of the session. Jack knows how to wear a puppy out! They finally graduated from just tug games to include the classic "bitey face" game.

I also happened upon a cute decoration at the Hallmark store that I just had to buy.

You can see why of course.

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