Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Zola!!

Today Zola is 1 year old. I found her birth date when I went looking for her rabies certificate to lisence her. We have only had her for a few months but it feels like it has been longer. Because of her small size and antics it doesn't feel like we missed out on her puppyhood at all. She is joy personified.

No she isn't always this calm!

Sadly some of my best photos showing her fun self are blurry.

Nice ears!

Play with me!!

Is it just me or does that angle and head shape remind you of the movie Alien?

Then (below) and now. (above)

As you can see she's definately filled out a little since we got her. She is up to 12 lbs from her former 10 which seems to suit her better. Hopefully she will continue to maintain on her medications and diet and we will have more birthdays to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday Zola!!


Anonymous said...

what a happy little girl! happy birthday!

volunteer4paws said...

cute little zola!
she's a lucky pup.