Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drool happens

This georgous boy is Brutus. He is a French Mastiff, also known as a Dogue De Bordeaux. (Remember the dog from the movie Turner and Hooch?) He isn't the best specimen of his breed and we think he came from a back yard breeder based on his records. But that doesn't matter because he is super sweet. His is 6 years old, already neutered and looking for a new home. You can find him at the Humane Society of Knox County in Thomaston Maine. (207-594-2200) He was abandoned in an apartment. My brothers landlord who owned the apartment asked my brother if he could foster him until they found him a place. He of course called me since I have a few dog connections. Sadly mastiff rescue didn't have a place for him either. Luckily I know this great shelter who had some space.
He has lived with another dog and also a cat. He walks well on a leash once he settles down. He does have some conformational issues in his hing end but it doesn't seem to affect him at the moment. He will need a home that can afford joint supplements down the road however. (he has a massive vet history that shows he was even taken to a specialist to check him out. Thankfully the former owner left his info behind with him.) He also drools, a LOT. Mastiffs do that so a home that can accept that would also be best for him.

"Who wants a kiss?" 

Like I said he is a VERY sweet dog that just needs a second chance. Please pass the info on if you know someone who might be a good match.

(Top photo: me, my brother George and my sister Dee.)


Ruth said...

I can't stand smushed noses (ok, pugs are cute, but I like dogs that can breathe), but I have to admit that I like the french mastiffs. To bad I'm not only to far away but really don't need a 3rd dog!

volunteers4paws said...

oh my gosh! I LOVE him!

mastiffs are our "when we retire" dog.

he's gorgeous.