Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm back! and a K-9 Corrections update

I went with my family on a little vacation. The photo may give away where. I big shout out to Perry Greene Kennel  and Kendra Hubbard who took care of all my dogs while I was away. Jack and Jenny go to the kennel and Zola went to stay with Kendra, her former foster mom since she needs extra care with all of her medications. It is much easier to relax when you know your dogs are being well taken care of.
The two new dogs on the K-9 Corrections program did fine during the hiatus. Since they are learning the basics and to be around people not much changed in their routine with me gone for a couple sessions. (and I had people checking in on them) Dixie is still very shy. We are trying a thundershirt but she still has a ways to go in learning how to relax. She does seem to really like other dogs and prefers the company of women given the choice. Luckily her handlers are both very patient with her.

Hatfield is much more social with people. (we have been calling him Buddy) He is also a bit oral and likes to grab clothing in his mouth to invite you to play with him. I wish I had a better photo. If I had to guess I think that he is a cattle dog/chow mix based on his body shape. They are also siblings. His tongue is all black while her's just has some black spotting. She has the red coloring of a chow but is taller than him.

I am always amazed at how different siblings can be from one another. Both in behavior and in looks. The funny part is that Dixie was picked because she seemed overly attached to her brother. Once they settled in we saw the complete opposite. He wants to play and be with her more than she wants to be with him. Interesting. He also seems to love other dogs. I have taken my own dogs over and they were both very socially appropriate in their body language with each dog. (I took them separately of course.)
They have a few more weeks to go before they are ready for a new home. It took them awhile to settle in and get comfortable to learn new things. Some dogs take longer than others to acclimate.  You can read more updates about them, and learn more about the program, on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/K9Corrections Anyone interested in the dogs can apply to adopt them at The Humane Society Of Knox County.
A reminder, I am more active on my facebook page than here these days. So if you want to keep current on all my "doings" make sure to like my page. http://www.facebook.com/K9SolutionsDogTraining Thank you!!

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