Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good news to begin the New Year.

I do love starting the new year off with good news. I took Zola to the vet recently to re-check her liver panel and get some recent x-rays for her jaw. The blood work came back good. We have been managing her liver shunt issue very well and it shows. We did learn that she is prone to low blood sugar which is new information but important to know.

But the best news is that her jaw issue isn't getting worse as we thought was inevitable. In previous x-rays we thought we saw a growth. In the new x-rays nothing was seen. We also measured how far she can open her mouth. It has improved from 1 and 1/2 centimeters to 2 centimeters. That doesn't sound like much but considering the alternative, it gets smaller and eventually she won't be able to eat, then it is fabulous news.

This is a photo of one of her x-rays. We have a new digital radio-graph machine at work which is also excellent  news for us because we can see things more clearly. Her face is scrunched up because they were holding her jaw open with gauze strips. You can see her old original x-rays here: http://k-9solutionsdogtraininginc.blogspot.com/2012/04/what-difference-week-makes.html The mass that could be felt before is also no longer there. So while she will probably still have a shorter than normal life span, it isn't going to be as short as we previously thought. That is great news to me!

I also wanted to share a couple of dog related gifts I got from friends this year. This one makes me laugh every time I walk by it.

I think it looks a lot like Jenny too!

This one was from another friend. She made the whole thing by hand. She has a great shop on etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/smilingfrogpets My dogs all have some of her toys and they are wonderful and stand up well.

I have awesome friends. 

As you can see I had a great holiday and my new year has had a great beginning. I hope the same can be said for all of you! 


jen said...

Great news for Zola!!!!!!!

Dog Trainer Jin said...

Your Zola is adorable and I'm thankful that things are doing well for her!
Love coming across a fellow trainer's blog :)

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PetStreetMall.com said...

Such a cute dog, enjoy the good news! Keep us updated!