Thursday, August 1, 2013

My longest overdue post ever.

Yes I know this is a very overdue update. Keeping up with my facebook page is so much easier than the blog so it has fallen by the wayside. Sorry about that.

Zola has beaten all odds and is still with us. She is doing very well! She is a robust 13 pounds now and full of hell. (Compared to the 10 pounds she came to us at.) Clearly she has no idea she is "sickly". Her jaw can open a bit further now as well. She is still a messy eater and blending her food is still necessary. She doesn't care though as long as she gets fed. Jenny and Jack are still excellent as well.

The prison program, K-9 Corrections, has begun again. This time we are at the supermax of the Maine State Prison instead of the Bolduc farm minimum facility. It is quite the change, at least for me. Many more rules to abide by as you can imagine. Including not being able to carry my camera so I have fewer photos to post. (I'm working on that!) But the handlers are all still very motivated and happy to have the dogs to train. They work hard and are doing very well. We are still on the first two pups to see if this will work out there or not. Here is our fb page:  Fingers crossed it keeps going well.

On another note if you tried to reach me by phone a few weeks ago and didn't get through I apologize. We were having technical difficulties. I was even thinking of changing to my cell phone number for the business. We had the cable company come out and fix it so it is back up to speed. I can be reached at on my home phone at 354-6488. I am more sporadic by e-mail so be patient if you e-mail me. I am reachable through my facebook page as well.

So yes I AM still here and training dogs. Give me a call or shout out if you need my help. Tail wags!

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