Monday, June 4, 2007

Catching up

Sorry I have been remiss in my blogging duties. I have started a personal workout program (long overdue) and had to adjust my busy schedule to fit everything in.

This is Leo. Isn't he absolutely adorable? He is a long coated blue Shar-Pei. Now before you run out and buy yourself one "just like the pic I saw" do some research on the breed. They aren't for everyone and you NEED to find a reputable breeder to avoid health problems common to them. (Every breed has health issues, find a breeder that admits that and works to avoid continuing those problems in their own lines.) Getting a dog should be about more than the cute face since it is a lifetime commitment.

That said I think he is just so freaking cute!! He is a real sweetie to boot.

Here is his sister Kloie. Now who couldn't love those faces?

This little guy kept me busy for awhile. He went to live with a fantastic family in CT.

This is Goldie. She is learning how to walk nicely on a leash for her owner.

Here is the new prison dog Hope. She is a German Shepherd and Rottweiller cross. She is doing great and learning quickly. She is also very sweet. I have a new handler I am training as well so that always keeps me on my toes. Here she is during one of our breaks.

These next pics are dogs that come to my sons baseball games and practices. Here is Willie in his stroller.

And his equally adorable sister Sadie. They are Boston Terriers.

Then we have Racer a 3 month old lab. He likes to dig holes. He's darn good at it too!

And here is Trouser. He's a yorkie that likes to strut his stuff. (don't they all?)

I hope all the great pics help make up for my lack of recent posts.

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