Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dash gets his new family

Dash went to his new home this weekend. I think it is a perfect match. He gets to have an older brother to play with and some great parents to love him. It was hard for us to let him go, but knowing he is in such a great home helps alot. Here I am with Dash and his new parents with Ivan.

Here he is on the drive to his new home.

Tandem napping anyone?

Some yard time.

Taking turns with the toy.

Yes we are a handsome pair. Thanks for noticing.

And pretty darn cute too.

We will never forget our Dash man. May he have a long, healthy and happy life with Robert, Jess and Ivan.

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They are adorable. One of my favourite breeds. I love the floppy right ear in this photo - so cute.
Great photos, Marie!