Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hope goes home, new dog stuff

Hope, our prison program dog, finally left for her new home on Wednesday. I checked in with the family today and all is going very well. She now has some kids of her own to play with and is adjusting to her new life wonderfully. He she is with her new dad. Who couldn't fall in love with that face?
Here is Grizz, the new prison program dog. He is a 10 month old lab/malamute cross. He is very shy with new people, hence the poor photo. I was taking it on the sly so I didn't scare him. Pics don't do him justice as he is quite strikingly handsome in person.

This is Zuni, a flatcoat retriever I saw today. It must be the week for handsome dogs. Zuni is learning some basic manners and to leave critters alone when on his walks.

This is my feeble attempt at a good group shot of my beasties. I'll keep working on it.
Jenny has adjusted beautifully to our home and so have the other dogs with her. She is quite the munchkin and just loves attention. She prefers to sleep under the covers with whoever happens to be under some at any time which is pretty cute.

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