Sunday, September 30, 2007

Prison dog photos & seat belt info

If you get the Downeast Dog Newspaper check out the front page article on the HSKC prison dog program. It came out great.

Here are some photos of the new dog we have started named Grizz. He is a 10 month old malamute lab cross that is very shy. He has been there for a week and is already making good progress.

Here he is modeling the easy walk harness. This was a better choice for him then the head collar for his pulling. He adjusted to it very easily. I do wish the company made more size options though. The medium was to small for him and this large had to be adjusted all the way down.

Here he is with my girl Missy. He loves other dogs so I brought her to help him relax during our session. She worked like a charm and he ate treats offered from me for a change. (sorry for the bad photo) The handler is off camera giving them each treats. You'll notice he likes to be near the wall when given the chance.

Here are some photos of the seat belt I rigged up for Missy. She isn't a big fan of riding in the car so I need her close to me so I can give her treats easily when we are riding. (counter conditioning) I am used to having dogs ride in the crate in the back for safety so I needed to come up with a new way of keeping her safe while not in the crate.

I am a big fan of repurposing items. So instead of buying a doggy seat belt I use a step in harness that I wasn't using for anything else. It fits her comfortably and is completely adjustable. I clipped a carabeiner (used commonly in rock climbing) to the already snapped in seat belt shoulder strap. Then I used a leash hook in that to clip into the two d rings of the harness.

Now I can't vouch for the actual safety of this set up. I don't know of ANY studies that have been done on dog seat belts at all. This is just MY version that I feel will help should we get into an accident. It should keep her from getting thrown around to much without putting pressure on her neck like a collar would. Keep in mind if you have a front airbag that could also pose a danger to your dog.

This gorgeous big guy is Jack. We see him regularly at my sons football practices and games. I couldn't resist getting a photo to share. I don't get to see to many frenchies around here.


Riley said...

Grizz is a handsome guy for sure! :]

I like Missy's seatbelt idea. I do something similiar to that with my well-behaved ferret when we go places. The younger ferret has to be in a carrier, as he's Dennis the Menace incarnate. :]

We missed you at the Fur N' Foliage! I brought my form to work and hit up all the bar regulars and got $250, but we had to leave early and missed the "awards" so I don't know if I raised the most. It figures that the one pic of Apollo at DDN makes him look weirded out. In reality he had a great time and was really relaxed, and made lots of doggy friends. :]

Marie said...

I am so sorry I had to miss the walk. My son just had oral surgery and I didn't dare leave him at his football game without me there in case of a problem.

That is awesome that you raised so much! I'm bummed I missed seeing Apollo doing so well in a group. Glad he had a good time.

Riley said...

Oh, that's understandable. I hope he's all better! :]

Apollo has some new friends and I just wanted to share this picture with you. :]

Marie said...

That is adorable! Great photo, thanks for sharing. :-)