Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No bad dogs

I got to attend a pitbull educational presentation recently given by Drayton Michaels of It was fabulous. He is working on a documentary called "Judging the innocent" that should help educate the general public about the breed. In my notes from the day is this sweeties name. (aagh I can't believe I can't find them!)

Getting some love. Her beautiful collar and leash are from I have it on good authority that The Loyal Biscuit (local) has placed an order so go check them out.

This cute face belonogs to Jazzy. She is learning to share with her humans.

This is her housemate Eddie. The tail never stopped.
And here is Max. Max is a big boy that is learning not to beat up on his smaller pack mates.

For anyone with so called "bad breeds" I highly recommend the book "The pitbull placebo ~ The media, myths and politics of canine aggression" by Karen Delise. It has some great information to make debating breed issues easier.

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