Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I hate spring

OK that's not entirely true, but I sure hate all the mud that goes with it. I have a huge mud pit in the middle of my fenced yard. Of course the dogs have to run through the middle of it when they are interested in something on the other side of the yard. Fortunatly the girls are easy to clean with a quick rinse in the tub. Jack, not so much. He's big and extra hairy and has white feet to boot. A towel only gets so much off no matter how long you use it.

I have added some hay to the worst spots in hope that will help cut down on the amount that is getting dragged into the house. Wish me luck.

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just in luv said...

I hate "mud season," too! During the worst of it we actually have to give the dogs foot baths in a pan of soapy water (which quickly turns into a sudsy mud puddle, lol).

And if I walk them on the road, the action of walking on the mud and grit actually flicks it up onto their bellies and sides. That's always fun! :]