Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a boy!

My sister's new bulldog puppy is finally here. His name is Minos and he is almost 10 weeks old. In mythology King Minos was the son of Zeus. Excuse the poor photos. Aside from the one with my sister, I used the less appealing photos on here to help thwart those who might steal them for use on those hideous puppy-for-sale websites. (If anyone can tell me how to protect pics from being taken from my blog I would love to know the details. E-mail me at ) As you can see, even from these photos, he is absolutely adorable.

And here he is on video playing with Missy.

I am so happy for my sister. She has waited a long time for this fabulous boy.


Matt said...

What a cutie!


Katie said...

He's freaking adorable! Congratulations to your sister!

jan said...

Totally adorable. To see that face is to smile.

Unfortunately there seems to be no way to stop photo theft. One of my blogging buddies puts her whole blog name on each picture. I was casually surfing one day and saw her whole post of pictures with new copy on another blog.

The only thing to do is complain long and loud when we see them and to watch out for each other.

just in luv said...

He is so adorable! Oh my gosh, there are no words! And I love the name. Very fitting. :]

(I agree--there isn't really a way to protect your photos from being stolen. You can watermark them 'till the cows come home but people will still take them.)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Precious! Love the video!