Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty in pink

Jenny's new collar came in last week. I tried to get some really great photos to show it off but I failed. Here are a few I got anyway. It is from and is called Dragonflies Turquoise. I almost got her Pink Lotus and still may in the future. (I find myself becoming addicted to collar shopping.)

We have an APDT Rally show coming up this weekend she will debuting it at. It is the 1 inch martingale style. I love martingales because dogs cannot slip out of them yet they can wear them loosely. I thought it was beautiful and girly. Every wannabe diva needs to wear something that makes her feel pretty after all. To many people think she is a boy just because she is a pug. I'm hoping the pink will help give people a clue.
Now don't you have collar envy? I'm planning on getting Jack the POW collar next. For being a Super Dog he deserves a Super Hero collar after all.


Jen said...


Anonymous said...

Do you use a flat collar on Jack?

We have a long haired akita as well, and while the round ones are definetly better on the fur, I'm constantly disappointed in the lack of variety.

Though, I suppose one doesn't really get to see the collar through all that fur anyway.

Marie said...

I use a flat martingale on Jack as well. I just don't care about fur issues. As long as it doesn't mat it up, which I don't find they do, I don't worry about it. If he were a show dog and the ruff HAD to be perfect I might re-assess.

No they really can't be seen much. But it only seems fair he get a nice one too. He's currently wearing "snowflake" by

Marie said...

I will add, the martingale allows them to be worn more loose than a regular collar which might prevent the matting and collar indentation.