Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing......Drum roll please

Prones that's my girl RL1 (AOE)!!

So Jenny earned her Rally Novice title yesterday at Finish Forward Dogs in Saco. (Who hosted a fabulously fun trial!) We even got a first place in that class. It was close though. We had 3 trials and in the first one our score was to low to get a qualifying ribbon. (missed by 1 point!) The second trial got us a 191 and our 3rd leg. (And the now infamous "Title" wave from the group. To funny!) The last trial we NQ'd on the halt sit exercise. I screwed so much stuff up it was ridiculous. BUT I have to say I learned a ton from it so it was worth every second. We also got a couple lovely comments about her fabulous heeling. It's always nice to get a compliment!
John Woolley Photography was there so there will be photos of the trial posted soon. Keep an eye out because there is a super fun photo of a boxer doing his own thing in the ring. It is adorable! I didn't bother taking many pics this time. After getting up at 4:30am to get there I had moments where I was just lucky to be awake! I am so not a morning person!!

The day was not without a moment of worry. Jenny jumped out of the crate and landed badly on the pavement giving herself some road rash. (This was after her first turn in the ring.) Fortunately that was all that she hurt. No limping or soreness meant she could continue the day. It didn't seem to phase her at all.
Now I am going to go for her Rally Novice Excellent title. We'll also start training for level 2. With food bowl distractions, lord help us! Our next trial is the end of October at Wag It in Lincolnville.
Not only did she earn some ribbons she won a cute squeeky stuffed toy. I'm sure her favorite part of the day was the trip through Wendy's drive thru and the chicken patty for dinner. As you can see from her photo above, dogs just aren't that into ribbons. It was a great day filled with lots of really nice dogs. Nothing beats that in my book.
(Side note: The dog on the ribbons is Brina. I am her official dog stalker so this makes our title just that much more exciting for me. :-)
(Edited 9/24/10. Thanks to Kathi for letting me know it is RL1 in APDT and not RN, which is an AKC title, as I had it listed. The AOE means she got it with scores above 190 on each of the 3 legs. I'll get it right eventually! VBG)


Jan said...

I LOVE that face. She just looks thrilled.

Congratulations anyway. :)

Katie said...

I love the neon green and blue title ribbon! Super cool. Congratulations!

jen said...

Congrats!!! (now I know what RN stands for after a dog's name!)

Marie said...

Thanks everyone. :-)

Jen, I am SO lost most of the time with all the letters of titles. Between Rally, Obedience, Agility, Flyball and etc you almost need a decipher chart!

Jen said...

YAY, Nice job both of you! And you're dog is so freakin' cute it kills me (even with road rash). I have to say, I'm totally lost on the abbreviations, too - reading the blogs illuminates it a little, but for the most part I just have to nod and smile. It definitely sounds impressive, though! :)

kathi said...

Congratulations on Jenny's new title! Here's to a long and successful rally career for both of you :)

jess said...

yay! congrats to you an jenny!! both of those pictures make me squeal because she is SO cute! (sorry to hear about her boo-boo!)
jess robert ivan and dashy-doo!