Saturday, September 11, 2010

Walkers big day out

Today was the Woofstock event. In a word it was awesome. Walker did fabulous and was a perfect gentleman. I wasn't sure how he would be around so many other unknown dogs which is why I had him wear his gentle leader. Turns out he is incredible! I had hoped to show off his Rally skills but we missed the demo. Here we are at the shelter booth. Now how cute it this guy? The word dapper comes to mind.

Walker met all types of dogs today.

They had all kinds of fun stuff at the event including a costume contest. Check out the disco diva.
Walker even met a long lost older twin sister. Turns out she is a pointer/lab mix. Since we are guessing at what breed(s) Walker is this may be our answer. I wish I got better pics of them together. They were quite taken with each other and had a bouncing good time.

We also learned that he is fabulous with small dogs and puppies. He knows to lay down all on his own to get on their level to play.

As you can see he was also very tolerant. It was a great doggy filled day. Many more photos of him from today can be seen on the K-9 Corrections facebook page and the K-9 Solutions facebook page. Hopefully this helps get him seen by a potential match and he finds a home.

I also picked up a great new t-shirt from SandraB Designs.

I love the back:

I think that says it all don't you?

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