Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let's play a guessing game

And now for something much nicer than the last post. It facinates me how puppies of many breeds of dogs all look pretty much the same when they are first born. These girls are only one week old. They are a mix of two breeds and they weighed around 2.5 lbs each. Anyone wanna guess what they might be? (They are not the pug mix puppies of an earlier post.) My only hints which may or may not help you: Momma was mostly white and Daddy was brindle.

Just look at those tiny paws!


jen said...

I have no idea... something with a smooshie face! They are cute.

Hannah said...

I think it would be considered cheating for me to answer.

They are so cute!

Marie said...

Jen, kinda but no. (yeah makes sence right? VBG)

Hannah, yes it would! LOL I can't wait to see how the look all grown up.

Megan J said...

Boxer=brindle half?

Marie said...

Answer: Momma is a pitbull mix and daddy was a bullmastiff. Thanks for playing!