Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boatyard Dog Trial fun

On Sunday I went with a friend (Prudence's mom) to watch a couple other friends and their dogs compete in the Boatyard Dog Trials at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors show in Rockland. I was fortunate enough to have been a part of the trials a few years ago. Being part of it is nerve wracking, it was much more relaxing to cheer other people on. The contest has rules like: cheating is not only tolerated it is encouraged, and bribery will get you everywhere. The only "real" rule is that at least one of the team, dog or handler, MUST get completely wet. There is even an obstacle of getting in and then out of a tippy dingy to help make that happen.

The exciting part was that one of my friends won this year! Joel and Fenway, a rescue dog from our own local shelter, walked away with this years Pup Cup. Or swam was more like it. Here is the official news release here. And here is a super cute video showing a few of the participants. You can see more video and pics of their performance on their Loyal Biscuit facebook page. Or check out Fenways page. She is now even more of a local celebrity than before!

It was very exciting and it is one of those events that is always fun to watch. Congrats to Fenway and all the partcipants for putting on a great show.

(The above photo is Fenway with the rest of her family. Left to right: Buffy, Izzy, Chuck and Fenway. Aren't they a great looking crew?)

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