Monday, August 1, 2011

EASY homemade dog cookies!

OK it's no secret that I don't cook much. I'm not very good at it when I do, and it isn't something I particularly enjoy. Thankfully I married a man who can cook and IS good at it. But here is a super easy dog cookie recipe I made up on my own. I decided to experiment abit with the honest kitchen Zeal formula. I hydrated 1/2 cup of the dry Zeal with just under a half cup of warm water. After letting it set (to properly hydrate) I stirred it and realized it needed a little more to hold it together so I added 1 egg. (shell included ~ they are great for the calcium but wash the egg first) Spoon onto a cookie sheet in the size you want them to be. (they did not change size other than to flatten slightly) Then I baked them for about 30 minutes on 350, til the edges started turning brown. I used a no-burn cookie sheet and did not grease it. Once they were done I let them cool on the sheet. Ta da!!

That small amount made 6 good size cookies. (about 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches across) I figure they can be broken up into smaller pieces easier than trying to make them small to begin with. You do not want the mix to be to soupy so if you think you've added to much water just add a little more of the food to even it back out and make it thicker. Refrigerate (or freeze) after baking to keep fresh. You can probably use something other than an egg to thicken the mix for baking as well. The egg was just the thing that I thought of at that moment.

I think that this is a great idea for anyone who wants to try keeping their dog in a limited diet for any reason. Just use the food your dog eats (if it's an Honest Kitchen formula) to make their treats as well! They even passed Jack's test and he is my fussy eater! I can't wait to try this with some of the other formulas too. I'm sure you could add meat if you wanted as well. Your imagination is the limit.

Happy baking!!


Ruth said...

oatmeal makes a decent thickener too, though prehaps the egg is better for the dogs.

if its thick enough, blob it between two sheets of parchment (or on your cookie sheet under a sheet of freezer paper) and roll flat with a rolling pin (about 1/4 in or less in thickness) then use a pizza cutter to seperate into cracker squares and cook that way (they won't seperate all the way when cooking, but will break apart easily). Makes more treats out of the same amount, and if you cook them a bit crispy (not burnt, but a bit crispy) they break apart really easily.

I've been doing something similer using ground chicken or turkey meat instead of the Zeal.

Marie said...

Thanks Ruth! Will have to try that!