Friday, September 23, 2011

Book review ~ The Allergy Solution for Dogs

Just when I thought I was pretty caught up on all my events and could get back to blogging, I came down with a cold of some sort. Ugh. I muscled through the last two days at work but it wasn't fun. Today I just couldn't do it and stayed home. I'm feeling a little better at the moment, aside from a still burning throat, so thought I'd try to get at least one post done. I finally finished the book I bought awhile ago I picked up at Planet Dog on allergies. Here are my thoughts about it:

I also work as a receptionist at a conventional veterinary hospital so some of the info wasn't new to me. However I have to say I found it very well put together and I did learn a few things. More than a few actually. Even tho I work at a vet I don't consider myself one of those people who knows everything. Nor do I automatically assume just because someone is a vet that they know everything either. (much to the annoyance of my boss I am quite sure)

One thing I've learned is that I do have more options to try with Jenny. It helped explain a few things I didn't understand as well before too. Having gotten so much info and advice in the past on allergies in dogs, it was nice to have some things explained out in a way I could process it. My brain gets overwhelmed sometimes.

One of the things I have already started is trying to boost her immune system. One way I have approached that is to feed her a high quality food. Reading the book "Food pets die for~Shocking facts about pet food" by Ann Martin was a huge wake up call for me on this issue. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know how to read a pet food label and be able to decipher it! (Be sure to get the third edition.) It has all kinds of information about what is in pet foods that you need to know. Tho I disagree with her thoughts on raw feeding. I don't understand how she can dismiss a vets thoughts on selling their brand of food and then on the other hand agree with them on the dangers of feeding raw. An opinion which leads them to recommend clients buying their food. Hmmmm. I still think it is an important book on the subject regardless.

Anyone who has been reading this blog regularly knows I have tried a few different diets over the years. I've even done some raw feeding. While I support raw feeding, I just personally couldn't keep up with the work it entailed with everything else I have going on. I have two teens and a husband in the house and I don't cook for them either. Nuff said!

Because of my belief that real food is better for dogs than much of the processed stuff out there I have Jenny on The Honest Kitchen foods. It is a dehydrated diet that uses high quality ingredients to begin with. They are one of the few companies that can say they use Human Grade food in their pet foods! Aren't our pets worthy of food good enough for US to eat? Why are we feeding so many of them our waste from our cast off food products? It is also processed an a FDA inspected human food facility alongside food for human consumption. But I digress. (You can check out their website yourself FMI.)

She is currently on the Force formula which I just switched her to. I have also used the Zeal formula and the Keen formula. I'm also giving her the THK invigor supplement (an antioxidant for the immune system) and their sparkle supplement. (supports healthy skin and coat) As well as an omega 3 supplement, allerplex, dermatrophin, coconut oil, and plant enzymes/probiotic. I am planning on trying a few more things I read about in the book too. I am curently weaning her off some Temeril-P which I had her on for a spell to keep her comfortable. (It is a low dose steroid and antihistimine.)

One of the other tips that was in the book was to use frequent baths to keep allergens off the dog. Since she tested allergic to dust mites (along with grain mites) I think this is an important step I have been slacking on. I'm going to try doing this more often to see if it helps.

Overall I can say I highly recommend the book to anyone who has a dog with allergies. It does say that there is no cure for some dogs with some of the issues, but it gives you some options to explore and questions to ask your vet. It helps you be a good advocate for your dog which is important. It is a book with a lot of great information on the subject and I'm glad I found it. I hope others find this review helpful.

**In looking through my bookshelf I realized how many dog books I still have waiting to be read! Stay tuned for a give-away including said books (slightly used) with some HK samples for anyone interested. I am still working out the details but I promise FREE STUFF soon!**

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