Sunday, January 22, 2012

Are you DINOS friendly?

Do you know what DINOS is? Dinos stands for Dog In Need Of Space. Now a dog can be a DINOS for many reasons. Maybe they are scared of people, or other dogs. Maybe they are aggressive with other dogs because they had a bad experience. Or maybe they have a medical condition that makes it painful for them to be touched. A DINOS dog might need space from other dogs, other animals or even people. It doesn't matter if YOUR dog is friendly and you love dogs. The DINOS dog still doesn't want to be approached by you! So please be respectful and give them their space. Keep your dogs ON leash unless you are in a specific off leash area. Many DINOS can walk politely in public on leash just fine. It is when they are approached that there is a problem. This is also a great example of why you should ask an owner before approaching a dog or letting your dog get to close. They may look friendly because you are not in their space, but that doesn't mean they are if you get closer! Check out the fabulous poster and video about DINOS dogs.

 (This is the link if the video doesn't embed properly. Blogger is being a pain lately.)

Do you have a DINOS of your own? There is a facebook group just for you!! Here is their website with a link to the fb page:


Lucky Animal said...

Nice design and a good idea.

Tessa99999 said...

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! I have an 80lb German Shepherd Dog who is a DINOS and probably always will be. I have worked with her so much; she has her CGC now. Although I beam with pride every time she is willing to greet someone in a friendly manner I hate how easily people will swarm around us because she is so beautiful and seems so polite from afar. I REALLY like your comment about just because the dog seems polite from afar doesn't mean they will be when you get closer. Once I was standing in PetSmart talking with a trainer, and a MANAGER walked by and tried to pet my dog. He nearly lost his hand. My dog was and is very polite in public; you just can't pet her because she's there. So again, THANK YOU for spreading this message!

jess said...

i like that the DINOS dog in the poster is a boston :D we can relate that over here!!