Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grizz enjoys a visitor

This is my first try at uploading a blogger video clip. Hopefully it works.

Here are Grizzly the new prison dog and Holly one of the shelters pit bulls playing today. Griz is much more at ease with another dog around so I decided to add some play sessions as much as possible to the mix. My girls like to get to know a dog well before they will play and Jack can be a brat with other male dogs at times. So I decided to bring a dog that I knew loved to play to give him some one on one doggy playtime that would be stress free. The only dog that fit the bill at the shelter today was Holly. As you will see she did the job quite nicely. (and she is available for adoption by the way @

And here are my feeble attempts at some regular camera pics with the two of them racing by at breakneck speeds.

Saying hello.

Some action shots.

It got easier to get pics once they were tired.

Did someone say treats?

Holly decides she is done.

She is such a lovely girl. Very friendly to everyone and loves to rub up against people whenever possible for hugs. Unfortunately she was slightly stinky from rolling in something in the shelter play yard earlier. I'm sure Grizz appreciated her fragrance much more than us. Dogs seem to really love stinky things. I on the other hand had to change my clothes upon returning home.

Have I mentioned she is available for adoption? Grizz will be too as soon as we get him more comfortable with people. At this point I think his ideal home would be with another dog in residence. I think it would really help to keep his stress levels down.

I hope you enjoy the video. Who couldn't use some play therapy now and then?

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