Friday, January 11, 2008

A good day at the office

Here are a few pics from today's session at the prison with Grizz. (Yes he is unfortunatly still waiting for his forever home. E-mail me directly if you would like to learn more about Grizz.) I brought a 7 month old neutered male chow with me for Grizz to meet and play with. Cute isn't he? PP (for short) is staying with his breeder while his people are on a family vacation. He also needed some remedial training and a reevaluation while here so hence some time with me. I'm sure I have posted his pic here before when he stayed with me for training as a pup. (Check the older posts for chow pics.) This is what they call killing 2 birds with one stone. Grizz likes meeting new playmates during his sessions, and I needed to see how PP would do in a strange environment.

It turns out he was just fine with the whole process.
He didn't even mind sharing his treats or attention with Grizz.
It also gave the handlers great some hands on time with another dog. (The more dogs they get to work with the better.) I wish I had gotten some pics of them playing together but I was in eagle eye mode at the time. Safety comes first when introducing new dogs and supervising playtime. He was a bit pushy at first but read Grizz pretty well and did back off if Grizz told him to. Grizz has great social skills so I wasn't worried about him. PP is just getting to that age where dogs get full of themselves so I watched him closely. Not sure I would place them in a home together, Grizz defers but he isn't a total pushover either, but they did just fine for playtime today. The pics were taken at the end of our session.

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