Sunday, January 27, 2008

I wish I thought of that!

This cutie pie is Birdie. Photo's don't do her coloring justice. She is the most striking variation of brindling I have ever seen. She is also as smart as she is pretty. A double threat for sure. (in a good way)

This is Zebra. She is a spayed female husky available for adoption at Typical of the breed, she has energy to spare. Good with other dogs, but she can be pushy with them at times too. She likes to be the boss. (sounds familiar)

I caught Jenny using a toy as a woobie last night. (Ironicly it was a Garfield.) It is the first time I have seen her use a stuffed toy this way. She certainly looked content suckling away.
And speaking of ironic, it's to bad my idea of using a call bell for potty training didn't come to me sooner. Someone has taken to marketing a very similar product: I guess great minds think alike!
In the interest of education to all things dog, I have added a few new websites to my link list. One of my favorites is:
Great facts about dog bites for those that think it is all about the breed. I know I tend to lean towards nice fluffy posts, but I do want people to be able to find info that they need, or are interested in, should they look around my blog. There are some great sites and blogs out there, I feel no need to reinvent the wheel where they are concerned.
Happy browsing!


Riley said...

Man, if I didn't already have one very bossy and hyper female husky at home, I would've already snapped Zebra up. She is stunning! And that pic of Jenny is too cute. :)

Marie said...

You mean you don't want two bossy hyper bitches in the house? I can't understand why. Think of the fun! LOL I agree that she is stunning.

Thanks for the compliment. Jenny is cute. Which is a good thing for her. She pushes her luck at times. Don't they all though.