Friday, January 25, 2008

Son of a ....

Damn. In case you have no idea who this is I'll tell you. His name is Ami James and he is a tattoo artist from the hit show on TLC called Miami Ink. I know about him because I am a tat fan and watch the show. I know he has a beautiful american bulldog, not his first, and loves all animals. (he adopted a cat on one episode of the show as well) His partner Chris Nunez also owns a georgous pit bull.

Why is he on my dog related blog? I'll tell you that too. In case you don't know already, PETA is a fanatical animal rights group that KILLS animals. They don't believe in people keeping pets because it interferes with the animals choice to run free. (and get hit by cars) They don't believe in altering pets because it interferes with the pets choice to have sex. Their stance on pit bulls is that they should ALL be killed, in order to SAVE the breed. Yeah, you read that right. PETA is a group that sounds great in the surface, who doesn't want to treat animals ethically after all, but it in reality a radical group with it's own bizarre agenda.

So while I admire Ami's commitment to animals, someone needs to clue him in to what this group really is. I'm pretty sure he would be quite appalled. FMI you can check out where I got the info on his new poster

For more information about PETA check out this link.

And by the way, if pitbulls were the big bad that so many uneducated say they are, why is it that I know of NO trainer that refuses to work with them? Food for thought.

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