Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Blog Roll

Some of you may or may not have noticed but I try to routinely update my blog roll. This includes taking blogs off my list that either don't update often enough, stray far off topic regularly, or are to graphic heavy to load in a reasonable amount of time. (If it takes forever for me to load it with DSL I don't want those with dial up to get stuck. Some of my favorites have been deleted for this reason alone. Tip: Set your front blog page to only hold a set amount of posts if this is an issue.)

I also try to only include those blogs I like for some reason. It may be the writing, the photos, the info presented or the stories they have to share. I also try to stay away from blogs with alot of political views. I like reading about dogs not politics. (or should I say I reserve that as a seperate activity)

If you have a blog to recommend with a 4 paws up, (sorry I couldn't resist) feel free to share it with me for consideration in my comments section. (If you add a link to a site for business purposes or to sell something I will more then likely delete it. Please e-mail me to ask permission regarding sales of products. Unless it is something I believe in it will not be considered. )

So check out the new additions to the blogroll and feel free to provide feedback. Thank you!


Katie said...

I really want to recommend Spotted Dog Farm because I think what is going on there is so important and eye-opening and heart-wrenching and hopeful all at the same time.

Marie said...

Thanks. I will definatly add her.

Caveat said...

Phew! I broke a few rules but survived on the blogroll.


And I'll second SDF - it's a good one.