Friday, July 4, 2008

A saga involving poop, collars and cuteness

For those with weak constitutionals, this post involves a somewhat unsavory subject. You may want to skip to the end and the other topics. (Or go to The Dog Ma blog, and comment to potentially win a $50 e-giftcard to Petsmart. Yay for free stuff!)

Our dear Jenny is a poop eater. I'm sure I have mentioned it before. It is not an uncommon problem in dogs. To them it is the ultimate in recycling. It even comes out heated and ready to go. To us disgusting, to them a tasty treat. Because I know this about Jenny I use alot of management. I don't add anything to her food as sometimes recommended because she has some food sensitivities. No sense feeding her the pricey stuff only to undo all the work with an additive to address something I can manage instead. So poop gets cleaned up quickly from the yard and she goes out for pottytime on leash only. After everyone has voided and it has been cleaned up do I allow her off leash play. Occasionally management fails because I am not close enough to stop her from getting some fresh unexpected pile, usually from our frenchie Missy. She had not previously partaken of any of Jacks obviously larger piles. That I knew of. Until today. While I was outside with the dogs I decided to rearrange a few of my birdfeeders. They are all pretty close together but a few are outside of the fenced area. As I was returning I see Jack in the position and Jenny standing right under him waiting. Not only did she partake but some fell ON her. Oh the joy of living with dogs. Thankfully I am not a squeemish person. If anything I found it somewhat funny. She has no shame that one. Of course that meant into the tub immediatly for miss Jenny. I am also going to get some doggy toothpaste to have on hand for the next time management slips. (Always my mistake, now I know, assume nothing!) Lord knows I don't want a kiss after that!

I hope everyone has (or had) a safe 4th of July. And for the dogs who run away may be they all be tagged and easily reunited with their owners. I am also a huge fan of microchipping in case they lose their collar or if you have a dog that might look like another dog. If you ever have to prove in court that a black lab (or insert breed here) in question is yours, photos just aren't going to do it. Tags are nice too because they can help facilitate an instant reunion not needing a trip to the vet to find a rabies tag number (usually on a day they are closed) or causing the dog to spend the night unnessasarily in the local pound. (hopefully to be found) I even have an extra tag for visiting dogs with my address and phone number. (which new family dogs can also wear until they get their permanent one) One of the biggest reasons we hear for dogs not having their collar on when they got loose is that they just had a bath. What better reason to have an extra collar and tag for bath day. (while their regular collar they wore in the bath dries) You can put a collar on a wet dog. Worries about coloring on the coat seem insignificant when your dog is missing and naked. (tip-buy the extra collar in white)

*Check out the cute pug blog I ran across the other night. Go Pug Yourself. As soon as I get permission I will add her to the blogroll.

*I know I haven't had any originals photos lately. I need to get new batteries for the camera. Bear with me.

*A note to the blogger Underdogged, I can't seem to leave a comment on your blog. Can you e-mail me?

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Katie said...

Oh man. Harv was a terrible poop eater. He'd follow Luce around the yard with his nose up her butt and his mouth open.

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