Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dog greetings and Trail Manners

While surfing my favorite blogs (listed at right) trying to catch up with my blog reading, I ran across such a well written post that I wholeheartedly agree with that I just had to share it. Check it out here:

The above photo was found on this adorable blog: (by accident I swear I wasn't looking for a pug photo to use)

And for more info on proper dog greetings, in case you missed my previous post on the subject, this tidbit:

When one dog meets another for the first time, canine protocol demands that he offer his butt to be sniffed, and that he sniff the other's butt in turn. Dogs who are well-known to each other generally don't do it, but all dogs, when they meet another one for the first time, will do so. Canine courtesy demands that the action be reciprocated. *This formality essentially introduces each dog to the other as a specific scent signature, which is then cataloged in memory much as we visually-oriented animals do with faces.

From the technical veterinary site here:
(note the photo THEY used! Scroll down near the bottom of the page. Again, a funny coincidence.)

*Hence the tangled leash issue when doing proper dog to dog greetings. *

Anyone else see the tense body language of the dogs in the photo? How about the avoiding direct eye contact? Photos are a great way to see an exact moment in time.

Check out DogStarDaily and the other blogs too. Boy there are some seriously talented writers and super passionate (and funny!) dog people out there. I am but a drop in the ocean of dog blog land.

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lin said...

Both the link and your post were very informative. Our dog has never liked her butt sniffed by unknown dogs. She will turn and snarl or snap at the dog. Once in a great while, if he's a young cute, large, male, she will turn coy and girly and allow it. We got her as an adult (4-6 years)and I manage it by putting her in a sit, distracting her with food, and shooing the other dog away. I wish you were in the Bay Area and I could come to you for training (although she's an older girl now).