Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greyhounds and new stuff

Today I watched a very good video about the Maine Greyhound Placement Service. It is a rescue group located here in Maine for retired racing greys. Retired really just means they stopped winning at the track and had been scheduled for euthanization. I have been facinated by Greyhounds for years after watching a documentary about the breed. They are georgous and sweet with an interesting history and are in great need of being rescued. Once again a great example of man at it's best and worst. When are we going to stop using animals as entertainment and then disgarding/destroying them when they can't produce anymore?

Thankfully there are people like Scott Bruns, and all of his amazing volunteers, stepping up and doing what they can to help the castoffs in this case. The documentary I saw had some tough footage of racers being put down and their multiple bodies stacked in wheelbarrows being dumped into trucks for disposal. That is imagery that I will never forget. (and share here to point out that it happens EVERY WEEK somewhere to these beautiful animals) I think one day I may have one of these amazing animals of my own. Until then I will keep spreading their story to other potential adopters. They make wonderful companions. And because they have been used in racing they are already good on leash, crate trained and used to being around other dogs. They also have many good years left in them to share with you.
I know many people think they need a lot of exercise because of their racing background, but they are very content to spend their days sunbathing and snuggling on the couch. (They are sprinters and not built for endurance like other high energy breeds.)
So spread the word or consider a retired greyhound as your next best friend. Unfortunatly there will always be some in need of rescue. Can't adopt but want to help the cause? Check out their website and buy something. They raise money and you get cool new stuff.

Speaking of helping rescues, check out my new t-shirt from PRoNE. (I think I am going to make a habit out of buying new shirts from rescue groups. I get clothes and support good causes. It's a win, win!) Here is the front,
and the back. Jenny is also sporting a new collar from that we picked up at The Loyal Biscuit Co.

My son said he would prefer she have a camo collar but I didn't think that camo was girly enough for her. He got a PRoNE shirt in Kahki. And a new pug book also from the PRoNE site.
It has some great info and pics.
This years Boatyard dog shirt. This was last years winner, a border collie named Kylie. Hopefully next year Trumans photo will be featured.
Here is a pic of Jenny cuddling with Jack on DS's bed. If you look close you can see his hot spot near his tail. Let's just say my vet saw alot of us this week. He also got a bit of a new hairdo I will share photos of later.
And Missy doing what she loves, hoarding all the chewies and taking turns with them.

P.S. To Caveat. I still can't leave a comment on your site for some reason. And yes you talk about politics but it is DOG related so it passes muster. LOVE your stuff! VBG :)


katie said...

I do love me some Greyhounds. Every one I've met has been just a sweet, gentle soul. Perhaps a bit on the melodramatic side about nail trims and veterinary procedures, but no breed is perfect, eh? ;)


Hannah said...

I can totally see myself with a greyhound or two in the future. They are such sweet doggies. :] I just don't think they'd mesh with my current rough-and-tumble pair!

Have you seen this link, Marie?