Monday, August 11, 2008

A problem with Jenny

The boatyard dog show was fabulous. I will have photos and news soon I promise. Unfortunatly something else has cropped up that is foremost on my mind.

So last night around 6pm Jenny had a weird episode. She started screaming and running around trying to hide while evacuating her bladder and bowels. The only word to describe her was terrified. She came out of it after a few minutes and I figured she either heard a strange sound that triggered a bad memory or had a sharp pain from a current ear infection (that I was going to call about Monday morning) or maybe even snagged a nail on the heater vent while walking over it. I kept a close eye on her and took note of time and place and surroundings to try to figure out the trigger.

Fast forward to today. Same thing happens around 3 pm. Only this time it started while she was sitting right next to me on the couch. OK that was pretty weird so I call the vet. We decide to wait until morning to bring her in. Cut to 4 hours later and she has another episode. I call the vet and say I would rather bring her in now. She seems ok when we go in but a bit timid which is unusual for her. Normally she is a pretty confident girl. We talk about inner ear pain and decide to do bloodwork just in case. It isn't a typical presentation of a seizure in her opinion tho nothing is impossible. They take Jenny out back for the draw.

I hear her having another episode. The vet comes out and says that now she has seen it in person it does look like it might be neurological. By now my nerves are shot. I hate seeing her go through this and the neurological scenario doesn't sound good. They give her a shot of a steroid for the skin and the ears and medication for me to use. The bloodwork should be back tuesday. (thyroid test and full blood screen) Instructions to time all future episodes and keep a log. If it is epilepsy then we can try phenobarb after the bloodwork comes back. (Her glucose was normal)

She did eat her supper fine when we returned home. She has had two more episodes since we got back but the last was milder which makes me hopeful.

Best case scenario is it is inner ear pain from the infection and not neurological. Second best case is it will be something we can control with medication. I refuse to think about other case scenarios at this point. I have to admit part of me is freaking out. I love this dog so much and I haven't had her nearly long enough. (I should say we, she is technically my sons dog) She is 2 and a half and we have had her for almost a year.

I welcome any thoughts that might help if anyone has gone though anything similar. In the meantime I am asking for good thoughts sent our way.

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