Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pug-a-licious and toy safety

First a safety warning about ball toys with only one hole. Some of the photos are graphic:

(Thanks Hannah)

Today DS and I went to Augusta for a pug meetup with an area pug group, It is about a 45 minute drive for us. It was my first time. I tasked DS to take some photos and unfortunatly he was in a shy mood and didn't get as many as I would have liked. He said he had a great time though and it was much more fun than he anticipated. (we also did Wendys for lunch which is a treat since we no longer have one near us) Here are all of the better ones for your viewing pleasure.

This is Grumpy, also a rescue.

Missy in pink and Shadow in camo.

Another of Missy.

This is Lilly, a 5 month old puppy.

Roscoe doing a play bow to Jenny. He is 8 months old.

And Jenny deciding to play back. Pugs in attendance were:

Lilly, Missy, Lacey, Shadow, Thunder, Grumpy, Zach, Roscoe, Blue, Precious and Jenny. (I hope I didn't forget anyone.) With 11 pugs all running around playing it was tons of fun to watch.

I wish I had more and better pics but since it was Jenny's first time I was doing the eagle eye to be sure she was ok. We were in a shady spot which is great for the dogs but makes photos dark unless you use your flash. (which we didn't know how to turn on since it was the husbands camera) I would have loved to let her off leash but just didn't dare to in case she had one of her episodes. It was a beautiful park but unfenced. I'm not sure how far she would run if she had a spell. Call me a nervous Nellie. I do think it was most likely due to her ear infection but it is to soon for me to relax about it just yet. I want her to go longer without a spell before I try anything off leash for her safety. Yes I felt like the over protective mother today. It was still alot of fun and I'm sure we will do it again.

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