Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good news all around

The first bit of news is that I GOT THE JOB!!!! Whoo Hoo!

Now that that bit is done I am kinda nervous. I have lots of new stuff to learn ahead of me. I haven't officially worked at a vet since 1996ish. Alot has changed since then. I also realise I am going to have to keep my yap shut about things I may disagree with. I am assuming they do not read my blog since they didn't ask me about my conflicting opinion about diet and other potentially vet related stuff. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. I guess I'll find out over time. I'm sure I will also find out their thoughts on the subjects. Until then I will certainly keep my opinions to myself. Fortunately I learned long ago not to give training advice unless specifically asked. (and usually do well at that though have the occasional brain cramp and forget myself) They are interested in using my training knowledge so that should be fun and interesting.

In other good news to share Chloie has started to actually play. It seems teaching to to pick up a ball was a great starting point. From there we shaped a fetch and now she does some cute hopping and play behaviors while chasing the ball. Now we are going to add other toys and start over to teach her those as well.
The book also finally came. Fortunately I didn't wait and started her with what I thought might work. It turns out the book had the same advice in the section on rehabbing non-players. I'm not to far in the book but it seems pretty good so far. Perhaps more for the average owner with good tips on matching dogs to others with the same playstyles and why. I'm hoping to finish it tonight at work if it is slow. I gave two weeks notice so have some more time ahead at the other job to finish up. I am staying on the part time roster there and will potentially fill in for shifts I can on my days off when I have the time. (eventually after a break away) This way I keep my hand in the pot and keep my skills current. This can also help make up for the pay cut the new job means if needed.

I am so glad I will be working regularly with and around lots of animals again. I look forward to the new adventure for me. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. :-)


Katie said...

Hey congratulations on the job! I have a hard time sometimes playing that fine line between company policy and my personal beliefs. On some subjects it's harder than others (declawing cats for example) but I'm better at it than I used to be. Or perhaps I've just given up and sold out :p

Dog Training Maryland said...

Good Luck on the new job.

WE need caring people working in the vets offices