Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just a little crazyness

It has been an odd week for me. I am fighting off a cold which makes me very tired. There is nothing like lack of sleep and a cold to zap all your energy and make you feel overwhelmed at every little thing. Thank heavens for sudafed. I can at least function for small amounts of time under it's influence.

Thanksgiving night at work (the other job) I handled my first code. (heart attack which resulted in him passing) Unfortunatly it was someone I knew. How horrible for the family that a holiday is now a sad reminder of an important loss for them. It really brings home how important every minute with family really is.
Speaking of family the photo above is a new dog that my husband's uncle just took in. She is a siberian from rescue with heartworm. Of course I accidently deleted the next e-mail with the dogs name and other info so that is all I can share at the moment. Isn't she beautiful though? Their other 2 dogs are Alaskan Klee Kai's so she fits right in.
Now for my semi-embarrasing story. (The above is a photo of my Jack at 14 weeks and is related to the following.) I was in the Loyal Biscuit yesterday to pick up treats. Whenever I am there we talk alot about dog stuff. It is one reason it is one of my favorite places. I'm quite sure my family is relieved I have an outlet for some of my dogtalk. We got on the subject of breeders and how not picking your own puppy is very common with reputable breeders. They try to match up the best puppy for your family situation and what you are looking for.
I was telling how none of the 3 akitas I have owned were picked by me out of a litter. When I got to Jacks story, and how he was a gift to me from the breeder due to the early loss of the previous akita to a health issue, I got extremely va-klempt and had to stop speaking to prevent myself from bursting into tears! Geez! Thankfully Lauren recognised I was struggling and distracted me until I pulled myself together. I think being so tired and on sudafed just pushed me over the edge.
In truth is an emotional subject due to having lost one dog so young and how touched I was at the breeder for being so generous to me in giving me Jack whom I love so amazingly much. I have moments where I think he may be my last akita because he is so perfect. I've just never had a moment like that in telling his story before. It isn't like this happened recently, Jack turned 4 in October and he came to me a year after the loss of Shimo.
Yeah, I'm gonna blame the sudafed.
Check out the before photo of a very matted long coated akita that ended up in akita rescue.
And the after. A good example of what lack of proper care and grooming can do.
I was most struck by his resemblance to my Jack.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday.


ellipsisknits said...

I, for one, would be interested in an entry based on the puppy conversation. It's a bit of a strange concept to people not from that world.
Of course, I don't know what you talked about, but how it works, and why it works, and what can be done to make it work better (from either side) would be interesting to me.

Lauren said...

I just stumbled on your blog and am glad to see someone else who values training! I look forward to reading more!

goatgirl said...

What a wonderful blessing that after several years you can still think about a friend and get choked up. Shimo would be glad.

Darlin Mikey said...

How lucky Jack's breeders must feel every time they think about what a wonderful life he leads. Every dog deserves a home like Jack and Shimo have had. I can tell you that stories like this make them smile. You're the best.

Marie said...

It is my pleasure. :-)

YOU are the best!