Monday, December 22, 2008

Photos of the aftermath

A few photos to share of the dogs after the big dig out. I managed to get the gate free so we can get into the yard. The potty trails for the girls are higher than normal however due to the sheer amount of packed snow I couldn't get through with the shovel. (That is a birdbath in the background which is at least 2 and 1/2 feet high)

Check out the height of the drifts and the amount of snow on the right by the gate. (4 foot fence)

The girls want in. Jack was trying to get them to play.

Action shot: Snow is for playing in!

Even Jack thinks this drift is kinda deep.

How about a hug? (They totally did this on their own, how cute!)

Co-napping anyone? I guess this answers the question if this bed was big enough. VBG

And another gift for them for Christmas: St. Scratchy, the giant Christmas flea.

Work was abit nuts last night. Cars getting stuck IN the roadways. Plow crews were unable to keep up due to the heavy drifting. Fortunately not many people lost power in our area. It is amazing though how many people will try to drive when they shouldn't. (Only 5 more shifts to go. Yay!)

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mackenzie said...

Hahaaha, love the picture of them napping and the one of the hug! I don't think I've ever seen two dogs do that before. I was wondering if you made it to the electronic collar training session and what your impressions were? What kind of training mehtods do you use? If you get a moment, check out my blog,