Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Missy!

Today our Missy Moo is 9 years old. Being the eldest makes her the matriarch of our clan. It is hard to believe that has been with us for 5 years now. In celebration she got to enjoy one of her favorite treats today, microwave popcorn. It is an obsession she came to us with. I had to work today but we had a birthday outing at The Loyal Biscuit on Tuesday where I picked up some of her favorite bedtime snacks, Barkwheat's Ginger and Parsley. Here are just some of my favorite photos of her recently and through the years.

Aside from being a wonderful companion she has also been a great teacher. Not only I have learned how to be a better trainer working with her, she has also taught many puppies how to be socially appropriate through the years. (for clients, fosters and friends pups who have visited) Her latest student Minos is currently learning his lessons under her tutelage. (I get to babysit my new nephew once a week and she helps.) A HUGE thank you to her breeder who trusted me with one of her dogs when most wouldn't give me, an akita owner, (gasp!) the time of day. (Oh the stories I could tell!) She is a fabulous dog and I hope we get to share many more years together with our girl. Happy Birthday Moo!


Matt said...

Happy Birthday! What a cutie!


tula said...

Hey Missy Moo- hope you had the bestest barkday evah! mmm.. microwave popcorn, huh? I'll have to try some.

kiss kisses,

peesses: we're akita luvrs over herah! good to see our fellow cuzin Jack on the DWB.

Dog Trainer Finder said...

Happy Birthday Missy! You don't look a day over 7!

jan said...

What a very sweet face. No one could look at it and not smile. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Lauren Hinsman said...

Happy Day, Missssssy! We love you! -Bauer & Orli