Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gripes and some cute video

Yesterday I decided to take Jack for a walk to town from my house. Normally I would drive him (or any of my dogs) to one of our walking spots because walking to town means we need to travel on one of the busiest main roads around. There is no guard rail between me and 4 lanes of traffic which makes me nervous. There isn't an official sidewalk either, more of a dirt area that is the size of a sidewalk. For some reason I felt brave and we set off. Not even halfway across the busy section I see broken glass across the path. Some drunken idiots had thrown beer bottles out their windows and now the remains were in our direct path. Thankfully Jack has a great sit stay and waited patiently while I cleaned it away. We must have stopped 4 times along a stretch of about 100 feet. (I am guessing, judging distance isn't my strong suit.)
We finally made it to the point where the real sidewalk starts and not 20 feet along there was more glass to avoid. Only this time there was no gully to kick it into. It made me very cranky and left me wondering who to address my letter of complaint to. Is the town or the state responsible for cleaning that area? Is it to much to ask for safe travel on a sidewalk? It is bad enough much of the sidewalk is uneven. I almost expect to one day break an ankle on them. I also really dislike when people don't prune their hedges or park on the sidewalk so we need to walk in the road to get around the obstruction. Good times. (The pic above is actually the sidewalk we normally travel, now you know why.)
So we walk on and of course Jack decides to make me a gift. I always have bags with me so this isn't usually a problem. Of course I am already annoyed by the glass incident so when we get into town and see NO garbage cans for my deposit I become even more annoyed. It took some looking but I found an appropriate trash bin eventually. But let this be an open comment to those towns that complain about people who don't pick up their dogs waste: If you provide waste receptacles that can be found easily, it would help.
If I hadn't found one I would have carried the gift home but that is because I consider those that leave their deposits behind irresponsible. Unfortunately we live in a society where most people won't do anything that they consider a hardship. Obviously no one LIKES to carry poop in a bag on a walk any longer than they have to. So garbage cans will help those people that refuse to. Then they truly have no excuse to clean up after their dogs.
And now to balance out my grumpiness, a cute video of my nephew at my favorite store:
He seems to have no fear. We may have our hands full with this boy! (I cannot for the life of me get videos from youtube to embed on blogger. Anyone have the key?)
P.S. Our local ACO put the cost of the injured dogs surgery on her own credit card. PLEASE consider donating to the fund so she isn't stuck with the full cost of helping this poor boy. She is amazing and truly cares about the animals. (Unlike a few other ACO's I can think of.)


jan said...

I've heard several stories of people putting their dog poop in a brown bag and someone will come along and grab in and run. I have been tempted to try that.

Amy Carlson said...

If you want to put the video directly on your blog you need to load it from your files, not from another on-line source. Try that. When you make your post, there is a button to search your files to attach a video into your post. Just to the right of the button for attaching a photo.

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Anonymous said...

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Kasha said...

Hi Marie!
Jack is my little boy's name! I love it! I am sorry about your dirty path. That is truly frustrating. We discovered a piece of glass in our dog's poop the other day which makes me nervous as to where she got that from and what if it hadn't come out?! Anyways, I love your blog and am definitely going to add this to my blog roll. I would love it if you would stop by my blog to meet Africa.