Monday, April 27, 2009

A non-dog post

This is Pumba. He is one of two cats that live at the clinic I work at. He was brought in a few years ago to be euthanized. He shares the clinic with Thomas, who was also brought in for euthanasia. Generally they try to find homes for the pets they take on the care of but Pumba has some medical issues and Thomas has some behavioral quirks that made them more of a challenge to rehome. They are quite happy at the clinic however. This is how he spends a lot of his time, when he's not trying to steal food that is. (he's on a special diet)

He he is after his summer do, a lion cut. Isn't he handsome? I am happy to be able to get my cat fix at work. I want to wait until we are in a bigger place before we add a cat to the family again. I definitely miss having a cat in the house. I'll try to get a photo of Thomas to share next time.

Today we saw this cutie who came in with the local ACO along with two litter mates. She was waiting to pick up two more baby red squirrels so they could all be taken to the wildlife rehab person together. I got to hold him. (or her) They are cute but pee ALOT. Just a heads up.

And for a dash of variety this young guy came in today too. A 3 month old ball python. Not sure I would ever have a snake myself due to the high maintenance they require, but they sure are beautiful.


jan said...

Pumba looks a lot like a Poodle with that cut.

just in luv said...

I am not a cat person but I looooove Pumba... every time I come in and am dogless he makes his way over to get some loves. He gets me my cat fix, too, because Kurt is severely allergic! :]

I'm jealous you got to hold that baby squirrel! So cute :]

Katie said...

Squee at the squirrel! So cute.

I used to have a ball python. I gave him up when I was in college, and I regret that.