Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fur N Foliage event in pictures

Just a few photos I managed to take at the shelters annual dog walk event on Saturday.
The party can start once the dynamic duo arrives.
Who doesn't love that face?
The raffle table. Sadly I did not win the pink "Tiki Hut" dog house though I tried.

Beginning of the walk.
The agility guy decided to no show at the last minute so my gear was brought as the back up plan. Luckily I had some to bring.

Everyone had a blast on trying it out.
Minos made some new friends.

The food area. I can vouch that the hot dogs were fabulous.
Can you guess this guys breed? (photo above)
Giving out the big prizes to the walkers that raised the most in donations. (Congrats Missy!)
Susan and her helper filling out the "show" awards. Dog tags were being engraved at the table to the left.
We had a Santa's photo tent as well.

My sister and her boy kept me company at the table.

And me and my fancy signs. Who doesn't love FREE advice? We had great weather and a very fun crowd. I look forward to next years event.


Mrs. Lazaro said...

Me and my sister (and Lux and Apollo) were SO bummed that we couldn't make it this year. We had to go lobstering and just couldn't manage to switch our schedule. Darn it! It looked so fun! This is the first year we've missed since2004!

Great pics! I'm glad I got to see some of the dogs virtually, at least. :]

Amy Carlson said...

The white pup looks like a -
Coton de Tulear

Marie said...

Amy, good guess but nope. Try again. :-)