Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Which way is up?

When you have multiple dogs it seems there is always something to watch out for with at least one of them at any given time. This month it is our resident matriarch of the group, Missy Moo. A couple weeks ago I noticed her fall a couple times when her rear went out from under her. I passed it off as some arthritus kicking up (she is 9) or a leg that was asleep. I added some glucosomine/chrondroitin to her daily rations just in case. She was fine for the week at the kennel but she seemed to not know me when I went to pick her up. To the point where she even ran away from me. I had to go in the kennel and pick her up. Once I had her she was fine though. Then I noticed the other day she fell again and seemed very wobbly afterwards for a few seconds but then was completely normal.

I spoke with the docs at work and they said it could be anything from heart issues, a pinched nerve, or small seizures. I was welcome to bring her in for bloodwork and get her checked. Now I am not a fan of bloodwork because of a past incident with a dog I lost. (long story but in a nutshell the day she died her bloodwork came back normal) So I tend not to think about running to do bloodwork right away unless I know specificly what I am looking for.

Cut to earlier today, my day off, and she fell again. This time I saw it all happen clearly and could see that she wasn't out of it, nor panic'd in any way. It is like she is suddenly on a boat and can't keep upright. She also comes out of it quickly and is then back to normal. She has been alittle subdued today but Minos was also here so she was avoiding him and I have been babying her a little too. Perhaps she is just picking up on my worry.

After her incident today I don't think it is seizures or a pinched nerve. It could still be a heart issue (bloodflow) but I thought of another possiblilty: Vestibular Disease. http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_vestibular_disease.html After reading this I am hoping if this is the cause, she hopefully has the kind that shows up but resolves quickly and isn't caused from a lesion.

I'm not sure if it is related to her not seeming to recognise me though when I went to get her at the kennel. Perhaps that is a seperate issue. (it was very loud with all the other dogs barking so perhaps it was just to overwhelming for her) Whatever it is please send good thoughts our way for her to feel better. I hate not being able to quickly solve a problem with any of my dogs, expecially when it might cause them any distress. I'll talk to the doc on tomorrow at work and find out some options on what to check or do next. (and also have feelers out on the frenchie forum I belong to) Even though I work for a vet I may end up needing to visit a specialist with her if it gets complicated. Unfortunatly I think the closest is almost two hours away. Wish us luck.


Katie said...

My experience with vestibular disease has always been dramatic. Those dogs are down and they are spinning and they can't get up. Does it come in a less marked variety?

Best wishes to Missy. I hope it's nothing serious and that whatever is going on resolves quickly.

JulieandCaleb said...

We're sending our thoughts and prayers your way!

Marie said...


I have no idea. I only only seen dramatic cases in the past as well. (years ago when we did refer to it as a doggy stroke) I may be grasping at straws in this case. Thanks for the thoughts.

Thanks Julie and Caleb!