Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three dog days and a Missy update

Sometimes having 3 dogs is a challenge. Not in the day to day routine which would be the same regardless of how many dogs I had, but in the little details. I happen to have 3 very different dogs so trying to provide for their specific individual needs is where the challenge comes in. Each has different exercise requirements as well as different mental stimulation needs. Fortunately for me only one is high energy. Most of the time I find this fun. My dogs are all very cool.
Adding to that challenge lately are my issues with one that isn't doing so well. Missy has progressed to having her episodes much more frequently. She also had a pretty big seizure yesterday as well. Fortunately I caught it on video which is on it's way to the specialist along with other video of her symptoms and her x-rays. We thought we had it figured out but either we are completely wrong or we are on the right track and she just needs different medication. Or something in between. (or I thought I knew what was going on even tho I didn't really because I was in denial to avoid that whole loss of control thing) Interestingly she seems to be doing somewhat better since the seizure but that may be due to a medication change just before it.
Dealing with a dog that was before very low maintenance (she is the perfect dog I must admit) to one that is high maintenance on top of keeping the other two happy at the same time has been interesting to say the least. Many days I have felt like I am floundering in that department. Beyond the general stuff with the dogs there is also the matter of the kids, husband, and work as well. I am mentally exhausted most days, hence my lack of posting. Thank goodness my family already has low expections of my domestic responsibilities.
I was also circling my wagons so to speak. I know there will be differing opinions on what I should have done and what I should do next with Missy's case. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to share because I wasn't ready to dodge the arrows. (been blogging awhile so I know how it can get with public opinion) I do not mind suggestions and opinions as long as they are given in a respectful manner and with the consideration that no one knows my big picture situation. Consider too that sometimes what a person wants to do and what they can do may not be the same thing.
For now I must wait and see what the specialists say and go from there. Think good thoughts that it is something not to big bad and scary. I haven't forgotten about the training posts I promised. Once things are back to a dull roar I will get back to that task.
For anyone local (Mid-Coast Maine) please come join me at the Humane Society of Knox County's annual pet walk on Saturday. I am doing a training demo and manning the free training advice table as well. Stop by and say hello. Another area trainer will be doing an agility demo and Santa will be on hand for photos with your pet. There will also be a micro chipping clinic for those in need. It is always a fun event and is a great fundraiser for our local shelter. Please come support them and make a donation. I know this year they are in great need of donations and have MANY mouths to feed. FMI check out their site: Hope to see you there!


Katie said...

It is hard managing three dogs, especially when one is sick. It was very hard for me when Harv was having his seizures and everything that went with them. And I don't have a husband and kids who need attention, too!

I didn't get a very good feel for what is going on with Missy from your post, but if you guys are thinking her episodes are seizures, I cannot say enough good things about the Epil-K9 mailing list. I got a lot of help and support there when I was really struggling.

Marie said...

Thanks for the info on the list Katie. I started a seperate blog with some videos of Missy if you are interested in taking a look. I sent a link to the specialists as well so there is an up to date diary if you will of what I am seeing/experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Marie, I totally and absolutely understand having a dog with complex medical problems. With Orli, dealing with her CONSTANT ear problems is ONLY manageable by feeding her raw food. She just can't have it any other way and live well. Vets and even friends like to tell me I'm crazy but I have no choice and I do the best I can.

With Bauer, we had people in our lives who thought we were INSANE for wracking up credit card debt (which we are just now starting to acknowledge) to pay for his Chemo, Ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc. We spent thousands and thousands and more thousands on him and NO regrets. Ironically, we had people who thought we didn't do "enough" or that we used the wrong "methods". To be critical of someone who is facing something terrifying is the ultimate sin, in my view. When we lost Bauer, it seemed the number one question was "How old was he?". Like THAT is important! Who cares? Whether they are 6 weeks old ;-) or 12 years old, they are YOUR babies. You do the best you can with the resources you've got.

Dog only knows, I am FEROCIOUS with my opinions on veterinary care. I pride myself on being a pioneer of sorts when it comes to holding vets to the flame. I learned to do this with Bauer. The other lesson he taught me--I sob as I type this--

Never, never give up.

I love you Marie and I love Missy too. I am prepared to walk quietly beside you as you take this journey. You did the same for me.


Marie said...

Lauren, I really appreciate your being there for me. It means more than you know. Thanks for all your help and support.

We need to stop making each other cry though. I don't know about you but my body is losing salt faster than I can replenish! VBG

Lindsay said...

I am so sorry to hear about Missy - I hope that the cause and treatment options are found as soon as possible.

I am wondering if you could give me some ideas for training demos. I am an apprentice dog trainer, and I work with the local SPCA a lot. We are currently fighting against a resurgence in dominance and force-based trainers in our area, and I'd love to do some training demos at public events to try to counter their influence. If you have time and don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear how you structure your training demos and what you do in them - you can contact me at Thanks so very much!

Lindsay Curry