Friday, October 23, 2009

A Minos weekend

My sister is out of town so Minos is here for the weekend. Being a (yet) unneutered 10 month old male is making the visit just a little bit more interesting. There has been lots of peeing on things (dog beds that smell like other dogs are his favorite) and ardent pursuit of the Jenny. (He looooves her.) Jack is still happy to play with him but a little less tolerant of some of his antics then previously. Add to that Missy's occasional accidents as a side effect of her medication and I am already doing an extra large load of laundry tonight. Thankfully in all other respects he is an easy keeper. No food aggression or toy possessiveness, eats on a schedule, good recall and crate trained. It could be so much worse. I am still tired of cleaning up dog pee though. Thank goodness for natures miracle.

I finally nabbed a photo of Thomas, the other clinic cat. He was also brought in years ago due to litter box issues to be euthanized. (which he interestingly doesn't have at the clinic) He is super shy and was considered difficult to place so he lives with us. (yes we got permission from the owner to keep him first for those that are wondering) He is one of the biggest chow hounds I have ever seen. He is always on hand to share food left lying around if invited or not.
And on another note please send thoughts out to a friend who lost her cat yesterday to a tragic accident. His name was Bobby and he was a beautiful orange tabby. My thoughts also go out to another friend who lost her Italian Greyhound "Dragon" in a tragic accident and a friend who had to let her Collie "Rosie" go because of a painful tumor. It has been a dark time for to many people this week. No matter when or why, losing our beloved companions never seems fair. Our time with them is always to short. Godspeed sweet friends. May they all find the peace they deserve.

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