Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo op!

Since Missy's diagnoses I have been a little obsessed with getting a really good photo of the 3 dogs together. These are a few of the better ones I took yesterday. If I can figure out how to crop this first one the size I need I might use it as a blog banner.

Missy is not a fan of the camera as you can see by her ear set. To be fair the sun was also in her eyes. She is doing MUCH better on the prednisone at the moment. She is almost normal again and even felt good enough for a roll in the grass the other day.
Jenny got a new harness. The step ins are great as a dual use tool because you can also use them as a seat belt. This is the "Zen" pattern from: I special ordered it at The Loyal Biscuit. She carries the line for those that are local. (Or not. E-mail her if you would like to purchase something from there yourself. She will ship. )
Missy looks happier in this pic because there was food involved.

This is a photo of the shirt I got for helping at this years dog walk for the shelter. You can buy them here: (e-mail them for prices, sizes and colors) It is a beautiful shade in person. Very "fallish", and I think the logo is adorable.

I swear this year I WILL get a nice photo of the kids and dogs for this years Christmas cards. I always plan it and always procrastinate just a little to long. Wish me luck. Oh and feel free to comment and leave opinions on the new blog look. Likes and dislikes. I do love feedback.


Mrs. Lazaro said...

Those t-shirts are adorable! I need to buy one so I can complete my set, haha. :]

Love the new blog look. Your header came out fantastic!

Marie said...

Thanks! I had to totally change the size of the cropped photo which stumped me at first.

Lindsay said...

So happy to hear that Missy is doing well! Rolling in the grass is definitely a sign that she's feeling MUCH better! :)

Kamloops, BC, Canada