Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updating the blog and breed choices

My regular readers may notice a bit of change on the blog. I recently updated my business cards and my husband pointed out that since my blog is my web address on my card, then my blog IS my business front to potential clients. Because of that I have rearranged the blog accordingly. People coming to check me out can now easily find the info about me and my services. In all honesty I blog because it is fun for me. I sometimes forget that it is also linked to my job and how I present myself. I'll try these changes and see how I like them and may add more changes over the next few days. Bear with me.

Now for the fun stuff. I totally lifted this from http://www.underdogged.net/. Yup I am a big fat copycat. But I just love this. I also agree that my answers may be different today than they may be tomorrow. Honestly there are just way to many breeds I can see myself with.


1- Sporting Group
2- Hound Group
3- Working Group
4- Terriers Group
5- Toy Group
6- Non Sporting Group
7- Herding

1 Sporting: Irish Setter. I'm not sure why tho I did know a lovely bitch when I was a young impressionable kid. When she had to go out she would lead us to the door by putting our wrists in her mouth very gently. I am fascinated by the red and white variety as well. I find irish setters very beautiful and have never met an aggressive one yet. Full disclosure however leads me to admit they aren't very common in this area.

2 Hound: I am more of a sighthound person than the tracking hound person. (odd considering I love tracking) It is a tie between the Saluki , Greyhound or the Whippet. There is something about the look of a saluki that attracts me. I have of course never met one in person. I love greys because they have the cuddle thing going for them and the need for adoption off the racetrack issue. I once saw a documentary about them with video of them stacked 5 bodies deep after euthanasia that will never leave my mind. (NEVER) But I love the size of a whippet. I would definitely do lure coursing with any one of these beauties.

3 Working: OK this is a tough choice. I love most of the dogs in this group. I grew up with a Siberian Husky so I have a soft spot for those. I just don't think I have the energy for one anymore. (tho there is a bred down version called the Alaskan Klee Kai I have considered. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaskan_Klee_Kai ) I think a nice small Doberman bitch would be lovely. But I'd have to get an older dog or rescue because while I do appreciate the look of a cropped ear on this breed, and I really do, I could never do it myself. All of the Dobermans I have ever known were smart sweet dogs and I love their sleek look. My husband wants a bullmastiff as our next big dog. (and I want to down size so this doesn't fit my plan VBG)

4 Terriers: I met a Bedlington once that totally won me over for the breed. Not sure I could keep up with the grooming though. I love the look of the Irish Terrier but I think it is a tie. One of my choices is the Border Terrier. Cute, small and supposedly less terrier like than many others in the group according to the AKC rep I spoke to at a show about them once. Of course he could have been wrong. (one starred in a movie in a doggy remake of the cat from outer space awhile ago that was cute) My other choice is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I like the small size and uncropped ears.

5 Toy: It is a tie between a Miniature Pinscher and a Pomeranian. I admit it is totally about the looks. Did you know that Poms also come in brindle? http://www.americanpomeranianclub.org/colors.htm

6 Non Sporting Group: This one is easy because I think about it often. I would get a Chow Chow. I have a breeder friend who has chows with fabulous temperments. (Red Cloud) Having done some puppy socialization for her as well as taking care of her kennel has made me fall in love with them. I would probably go for the smooth coat though for ease of grooming. They are a great size and have a look I really like. Part of why I I chose the akita breed was the similar look to a husky. (I just needed a more guarding breed than a huskey at that time in my life.) I also agree that there are to many breeds in this group that are really more working dogs like Dalmatians. (which I also find beautiful)

7 Herding: OK this is a hard one. I am so not suited for a herding breed. I'm built for reading, not for running. VBG I've seen a few Australian Shepherds I like and I did go through a Collie obsession for awhile. If push came to shove I would probably go with a German Shepherd or a Smooth Collie.

8 Miscellaneous: The Norwegian Lundehund. A spitz breed of a nice medium size. http://www.nlaainc.com/main_page.htm

This was fun but I will point out I have also fallen in love with some of the "random bred" dogs at my local shelter too. A pibble named Worf and a GSD mix named Sidney come quickly to mind along with many of the non-sighthound hound mixes. (Casey, etc) It's easy to fall in love with a sweet dog no matter what the breed.


Katie said...

Worf is a fabulous name for a dog. Just sayin'.

Marie said...

Isn't it?? VBG