Monday, May 10, 2010

The new recruits

Normally we take a week off between prison dogs but we already have two more raring to go. Plans are to begin on tuesday.

This is Walker, a sweet hound mix in need of better manners. He has been adopted twice and returned for being "to much dog" for the families.

This is Cooper, an aloof (and tall) Jack Russell who needs to learn better potty manners. He was abandoned at the shelter in one of their outdoor runs and seems to have had a hard life so far. Hopefully getting better house manners while learning to trust people will help him find a better home.
More photos are posted to our facebook page:


Jen said...

They are very cute dogs, I bet they'll love all the attention from the program!

Sort of off topic, the halti that Walker is wearing... how do you condition a dog to them? Our pibble/mange patient really pulls on lead and manipulates the no pull harnesses, so a halti is one of my last options as a tool to train him but he's livid about wearing it, and it makes his skin flake a lot... so I can't blame him.
But I think he needs it.

Marie said...

If I have time I like to put them on the dog for every meal they eat. Then take it off when they are done. I gradually build up the time they have it on to include training sessions off leash in the house with them wearing it and so forth. Then they get to drag a leash attached as well. Everytime they wear it initially they get something really good to give it a positive association.

I also like to rub their face when I take it off to remove the marks it might leave in their fur and to make them feel better. Like a little massage.

Unfortunatly sometimes I don't have a choice and have to put them on and let the dog have a tantrum if time is an issue. In that case I give them LOTS of treats and keep them moving forward. I say "Nevermind" in a happy tone if they try to bother it and keep them moving. Put slack in the leash as SOON as they stop pulling against it. This helps them get the idea that pulling gets them the opposite of what they want and it is more comfortable for them not to pull. (the leash is slack but we are still walking forward)

I think of it like a puppy getting used to a collar and leash. They don't like that at first either. Just be consistant and positive.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

Jen said...

thank you thank you!