Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pivot training

OK I have to admit I am in totally new territory here. Not having shown (much) I've never had call to teach any dog how to pivot before. It just doesn't have any practical application in the average pet home. And the little showing I did was AKC traditional and we only had to do one direction finish exercises and I always taught "around". So I am trying to figure this out as I go.

I know that teaching a pivot will help Jenny for the finish left exercise and on the pivot sign exercises. I just don't exactly know how to get from where we are now to that step. (Which is why missing the Pamela Dennison seminar is bumming me out. Sniff, sniff.) I have an idea but don't really want to lose time undoing a mistake. I can get her to circle away from me, but how do I get her to circle towards me? Wait her out? I tried luring it but with no real success. I am feeling stuck. (And I'm sure the answer is probably something easy and I'll feel like an idiot when someone clues me in. It's ok. I'm ready for it.)

Here is one of our training videos from yesterday. (during my lunch time break)

Yesterday was our first session where I got her to figure out it the game was to put her front feet on the bowl. All suggestions on what to do next are welcome from those in the know. I'll keep looking for the answer too.


kathi said...

Hi, Marie... check out Ruthann McCaulley's YouTube channel - she has several videos devoted to the left and right pivots. Another video to check out -

Mary said...

Go back to the video you posted on clicker training it - at about 1:32 in. I'd stop clicking for her only putting front feet on - every time she gets frustrated she lies down or gets off and is rewarded by getting a click for just two feet on again. Try the treat in one hand at her mouth and the other hand giving her something to move around, like with the larger dog in the video.

Marie said...

Thank you!! I really appreciate the help. :-)